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The Canaryth

One-of-A-Kind Yellow Platform,

Original Wearable Art

Women's Size: 8 US


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Shoes and Apparel

 A refreshing take on all things avant-garde is evident in her progressive interpretation of footwear that transcends the runway and rules the pavement.

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The Bold linear embellishments of her signature style captures the inherent beauty, legacy, expression & evolution.

(C) camil.williams Afro Lily 2015

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It’s her authenticity that sets her apart from her peers and allows her to tell the tales of others in a way that takes them from an individual to a shared experience.

Video performances, clips and interviews; Music collaborations and mixtapes; Radio and web media links!


I am the daughter and younger sister of really dope artists and amazing human beings. My Dad, may he rest in eternal peace, was a phenomenal sketch artist. My Mom is an awesome abstract artist. And my big brother, is everything hip hop! I grew up in a village (family, community, church, schooling) that was very supportive and art progressive, which exposed me to all kinds of expression. After years of trying to emulate my brother, I started to find my own voices as a visual artist, an emcee, a writer, performer, etc. After leaving college, I returned back to my foundation and decided to walk into my legacy as an artist. Barbering feels like a natural progression as an artist and I consider it another way for me to serve and uplift my community. Continue Reading.



Atlanta, GA 30344

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