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The Bold linear embellishments of her signature style captures inherent beauty, legacy, expression & evolution.

Comfort Here 2017
Baby Dont You Cry 2017
Maggie's Dance 2017

2023 Series 

BLACK MAN Pride Strength FatherhoodKing Intelligence Endurance Brave mental health





About the Artist

A multi-faceted artist from Chicago, currently living in Atlanta, continues in her quest to create the 'flyest interpretations' of life.

Her After The Sun: Exhibit and Performance, included a 35 piece visual art display and live performance of soul, hip hop and poetry. After The Sun is  of AfroFuturistic proportions.  The bold linear embellishments of her signature style captures the inherent beauty, legacy, and expression of the body evolving into it’s own technological advancement, as the future approaches. 

Her artworks have been featured in the Humboldt Park Art Exhibit in Chicago and the ArtXchange's Shattered Dreams Exhibit.

Artist Statement

The Melagexenic describes the unique identity of melanated peoples displaced throughout the diaspora. This collection explores the body as both technology and language; an expression of genetic blueprints belonging to the future. These stories exemplify the innate beauty, humanness and emotion that the melagexenic embody.


Embellished with Hand-crafted, Futuristic designs


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