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Music and performances by camil.williams

Musical performance at the After the Sun Chicago Show
Ancestors - Narada El Sol ft. camil.williams


The camil.williams Experience EP is music written, performed and produced by multi-talented artist, camil.williams.  ... The EP includes elements of Hip Hop, R&B and Jazz... It's a humble offering from an avid music lover. 

Music Collaborations

Cypher recordings with dope artists, including Narada El Sol, E.nina.jay, Redsummer, Felz and more. 

Musical performance at the After the Sun Chicago Show
When It Died - camil.williams


Check out the recap of the Atlanta debut of After The Sun: Art Exhibit and Performance.  The night was of Afrofuturistic proportions! Using ideas of technology and evolution in concert with biology and consciousness, camil.williams forced us to adjust our eyes and ears during this multi-media exhibition.   After The Sun was an action packed event with an amazing display of the visual, literary and performance arts.

More from  After the Sun in Chicago
Video and edited by David Weathersby

After the Sun - Chicago Show event flyer
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