camil.williams Art

Cold Sweat

Kinda Weird Like...

It's not just the AK47 armed policemen

or the armored tanks rolling down 79th street


not the helicopters circling

the neighborhood every night


more than the imagery

and frequency


not even the numbing sensation

of hearing the sirens so frequently


this is much more than section 8 and link cards


It's strange like...


an empty playground on a summer afternoon


or more blacks in prison than were enslaved


kinda weird like


a child needing a gun


Door of No Return


Door of No Return


she stands there

7x4 doorway

brick and bone

lining the shore


she's crying

video camera sagging

overwhelmed with emotions

reliving the abduction


the diaspora

floods back to her

tugging at her

screaming for her

rushing toward her

moving through her

around about her


she hyper-ventilates

forced to contemplate

and over-compensate


different pathways

to the same place

between the hard rock 

and soft place


criminal theft or saving grace

supreme cruelty or fate


a blessed curse

between the hard rock 

and the soft space

Wherever you go, COME.iLL