Poems from Butta to Fly

notebook envy


i never get to finish love poems

begin to end

as the night grows thin

clouds move in


all you had to say 

was youd be leaving early

spring lends its memory to tears

as the rain falls

so does my heart


this is why i dont write love poems


pointless to capture 

emotion to paper

time will forever caper


when all is temporary

i claim nothing of tomorrow


now is what i stand on

integrity at the soles of my feet

my only promise to keep


with Sarah...


i let the moment hold me

when cells go dead

and sun seeks to set


music, the only company

alone is comforting

then off into my mind

i dream poems


sage cleanse the air

fresher to breathe

the easy

of calm nights

echoing cool 

through the room

just in time for

free-lance imagery

free-dome capacity

free-verse creativity

thta flows 

the sentiment leisurely


while jazz tunes

undertone Sarah's blues croons

zifandel sips

and candlelit cozy


i let the moment

hold me

i know...


im not light skin'ded

and my hands aint pretty

my teeth aint straight

and my hair aint long


but im strong

as the spirit i shine


you say im cool

but aint dating material

youll flirt with my body

but wont share my love

and im certain 

as my soul is warm


you have no clue

of the beauty


before you

Wherever you go, COME.iLL